FaxTalk End Of Life (EOL) Support Policy

Thought Communications is committed to providing high quality, reliable fax and voice messaging software solutions to our customers. As a result of this commitment we have established a FaxTalk software End Of Life (EOL) policy.

To ensure that Thought Communications continues to deliver innovative and reliable products at a reasonable cost to our customers it becomes necessary from time to time to discontinue older software versions, products or product packages that meet the guidelines for the FaxTalk software EOL policy.

A FaxTalk product enters EOL status on the date of the release of the next major release of the software or the announcement of the discontinuation of the product. Product End Of Service (EOS) occurs six months from the date of the product entering EOL status.

The following conditions apply to all EOL products:

  • Thought Communications will no longer provide direct technical support for the product at the End Of Service (EOS) date.
  • Thought Communications will not produce any additional updates or fixes for defects for the product.
  • Thought Communications will no longer provide download access to ESD software for the product.

Product EOL does not prevent an installed product from operating and you can continue to use the software after the product has entered EOL status. Users of EOL software are encouraged to upgrade or migrate to newer versions of FaxTalk software.

The following retail products have reached EOL:

FaxTalk Multiline Server 7.5

FaxTalk Messenger Pro 7.5

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5

FaxTalk Messenger Pro Multiline Edition 7.5

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro Multiline Edition 7.5

FaxTalk Messenger Pro 7.0

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.0

FaxTalk Messenger Pro 6.0

















In addition to the products listed above, support for the following products ended prior to February 06, 2001:

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 4.0
FaxTalk Communicator 4.0
FaxTalk Messenger Pro 2.x/3.x
FaxTalk Plus (All versions)
FaxTalk NetOnHold 2.0

OEM Products
Thought Communications offered OEM versions of FaxTalk software to manufacturers of modems and computers for inclusion with their product. These OEM products are not supported by Thought Communications and Thought Communications does not offer any direct technical support assistance with bundled OEM versions of FaxTalk software. The modem or computer hardware manufacturer that included the OEM FaxTalk software is responsible for providing technical support for issues related to the bundled OEM FaxTalk software. You should contact the hardware manufacturer of the modem or computer that included the OEM FaxTalk software and determine what support they can offer to you.

The following products were available to modem or computer hardware manufacturers:

FaxTalk Communicator 4.5
FaxTalk Communicator SE 4.5
FaxTalk Communicator 4.7
FaxTalk Communicator SE 4.7
FaxTalk NetOnHold 1.0