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With the FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 answering machine and fax software, you have all the tools needed to manage your voice message and faxes quickly, efficiently and easily. The powerful voice messaging capabilities can turn your small office or home office into a sophisticated call handling operation with the ease of an answering machine. FaxTalk Messenger Pro’s advanced fax capabilities eliminates the need for a stand-alone fax machine and provides you with a central place to store and manage your fax communications. With easy-to-use, powerful voice and fax features, FaxTalk Messenger Pro delivers an affordable and complete voice messaging and fax software solution that conveniently manages all of your voice messages and faxes.

Home and Business Voice Messaging

Whether you are a small business looking for a low cost voice messaging solution or just looking for a powerful answering machine FaxTalk Messenger Pro provides the features you need to manage one to hundreds of mailboxes.

Simple or sophisticated voice mail system

FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 provides the ability to create a simple “super” answering machine or a powerful voice messaging system. With support for multiple mailboxes you can use FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 to have your small business project the image of a large company to the caller with a simple, easy-to-use program.

Custom individual mailboxes

Each mailbox can have custom, unique greetings which can be scheduled to play at certain times or on specific days. You can even have FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 only answer calls at specific times or on specific days. This complete flexibility allows you to decide when FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 should answer calls and with specific greetings on a per hour and per day basis.

Fax on demand support

Create a fax on demand system that provides callers with the ability to select specific fax documents such as information about your products and services to be sent to them day and night.

Manage received voice messages and faxes

Voice messages and faxes are logged in one convenient place along with call data such as Caller ID. When away from your computer, FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 always keeps you in touch with your received voice messages and faxes with automatic forwarding of voice messages and faxes to an email address and password protected remote message retrieval using a touch tone telephone.

Send and Receive Faxes

Save time and money using your computer as an advanced fax machine. Send and receive faxes with ease and increase your productivity.

Creating faxes is as easy as printing

Sending faxes from FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 is quick and easy. Produce professional looking faxes by simply printing documents from an application to the FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 printer.

Send faxes to multiple recipients

Broadcast faxes to multiple recipients with just a few mouse clicks. When sending faxes to multiple recipients each recipient can receive a unique coversheet personalized with their name, company and fax number information.

Send faxes over the Internet

FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 can send faxes over the Internet to an email address. Faxes sent to an email address are formatted in PDF or TIFF format for universal accessibility.

Versatile fax options

Custom coversheets can be created using the included Coversheet Designer. Preview fax documents before sending and add annotations, rearrange or delete pages. You can also use a TWAIN or WIA based scanner to scan documents to be sent.

Powerful phonebook capabilities

Use the multiple phonebook support to categorize contacts. Create contacts groups for easy selection of multiple recipients with a single click. Import contacts from comma separated ACSII files or access contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook without the need to import.

Manage received faxes

View received faxes on screen, print a copy, or save the fax for future review. Automatically forward faxes to an email address. Have faxes automatically printed when they are received.

Avoid junk faxes

To help you avoid junk or spam faxes FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 supports junk fax filtering which enables you to prevent the reception of unwanted faxes.

Switch from TalkWorks PRO

Users of TalkWorks PRO looking for a solution that supports newer Windows versions and is actively supported should consider FaxTalk Messenger Pro as a replacement for the discontinued TalkWorks PRO software. FaxTalk Messenger Pro has a similar look and feel and many of the operations in FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 are similar to TalkWorks PRO which will minimize the learning curve in switching to a new program. To also make switching easier and to aid in the transition from TalkWorks PRO, FaxTalk Messenger Pro includes import capabilities for importing existing TalkWorks PRO phonebooks and fax files.

Supports Caller ID and Distinctive Ring

FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 provides Caller ID and Distinctive Ring support even in Windows operating systems that do not directly support Caller ID and Distinctive Ring such as Windows XP and newer versions.

View Caller ID information

You can have Caller ID Name and Number information displayed on incoming calls and the software will store the Caller ID information with received voice messages and faxes for easy identification of the caller.

Route calls based on Distinctive Ring

With Distinctive Ring support you can have calls answered with a voice message or fax based on the specific ring pattern or you could have calls automatically routed to different mailboxes based on the ring pattern.

Download free trial!

FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 provides a wide range of features and capabilities to extensive to fully list. To see how the features and capabilities of FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0 can work for you download a free 15 day trial of FaxTalk Messenger Pro.

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