Internet Faxing with T.38 Support

FaxTalk supports the internationally recognized T.38 standard for Internet faxing because it works well and it’s the only industry standard for sending and receiving faxes over the Internet. Because it’s an industry standard, you can shop around for T.38 service providers just like a telephone service provider, looking for pricing and coverage area plans that fit your needs. All of your data (contact numbers, coversheet templates, send and receive faxes) remains on your computer, and is not shared with the T.38 service provider. This ensures that the data remains secure and meets HIPAA compliance for the medical field.

At any time you can switch your FaxTalk connection to a standard fax modem connected to a telephone line (VOIP line also supported) and pay no T.38 monthly service changes. FaxTalk products allow you to decide the type of connection (fax modem or T.38 service) so you can control your faxing costs.

FaxTalk supports optional features like Error Correction Modem (ECM) that ensures error-free transmission, and T.6 (T6/MMR) that provides faster transmission time. Error-free, fast, reliable is our objective. Because your faxes are important!

Additional information about the T.38 Internet Faxing standard:

  • Requires a T.38 service provider (e.g.,, or to name a few).
  • Most T.38 service providers charge a monthly rate based on the minutes used to send/receive faxes, this is typically much less expensive that major Internet Faxing companies with proprietary products (e.g.,
  • Many cloud-based Internet Faxing companies offer fax services as just one option in a myriad of services and often provide an interface that is distracting and lack clearly fax service-specific elements. FaxTalk is focused on providing a clean, focused interface designed to make creating and sending faxes easy and efficient.
  • Unlike the major Internet faxing companies who store your faxes and contact lists, FaxTalk stores all data on your computer. This means you can switch T.38 service providers and not have to worry about who has access to your data. You also avoid going through additional setup and learning a new interface.
  • With FaxTalk, the total cost of operating is the one-time purchase price of the FaxTalk software + the monthly T.38 service fees.

More information regarding the T.38 Internet Faxing standard: