About FaxTalk

Thought Communications is a leading provider of world class fax and voice messaging products for Microsoft Windows. Our products offer advanced fax, voice messaging, and client/server capabilities in an easy-to-use application.

Founded in 1989 to focus on software products for the fax and voice messaging market , Thought Communications has been directly involved in creating the standards still in use today for these technologies. Because of its active participation in the TIA/EIA committees that created the Class 1/1.0/2/2.0/2.1 and T.38 standards, and the TR-29 Committee working on fax protocol T.30/T.4 enhancements, we know faxing. This underlying knowledge used in the creation of our software is essential for producing reliable and consistent results. Our customers depend on us for reliable faxing!

Because of the company’s early participation in the standards creation process, and it’s development of software supporting the new fax/voicemail modems being released with these new interfaces, the company’s FaxTalk Communicator product line was bundled on CDs with modems/computers/printers/scanners, and became very popular. Today, well over 24 million copies of FaxTalk have been shipped worldwide.

Today, the company focuses on its FaxTalk FaxCenter, FaxTalk Messenger and FaxTalk Multiline Server products, with regular updates for new features, bug fixes, and Windows OS changes.

FaxTalk. Because your faxes and calls are important!