Whether you are looking for individual Windows fax software or a centralized network based fax server FaxTalk has a solution for you.

Since 1989 Thought Communications has been a leading provider of fax and voice messaging products for the PC, providing people with the ability to utilize the power of their computer to send and receive faxes as well as provide business class voicemail. Through years of innovation and development, FaxTalk is the premiere fax and voice messaging software solution on the market.

Our products incorporate the latest technology such as T.38 Internet Faxing support, V.34 33600 bps “Super G3” fax speeds, high quality color, grayscale or black and white transmission, built in SMTP server to send to email addresses and the ability to broadcast to thousands of numbers and email addresses. For almost 30 years, FaxTalk software has continued a reputation for delivering products that are incredibly easy to use, provide excellent features and ultra-reliable operation. When purchasing FaxTalk customers are assured of our commitment to provide the best and most reliable fax and voice messaging products available today.

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro

  • Provides all the tools you need to send, receive, and manage color or black and white faxes on a single computer
  • Combine multiple documents into a single fax, use markup/edit tools to create a professional looking fax
  • Send to a single recipient, or broadcast to thousands
  • Use the supplied coversheets, or create your own with the built-in coversheet designer
  • Integrate into ACT and Microsoft Word mail merge using third-part add-ins

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FaxTalk Multiline Server

  • All of the powerful fax features found in FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro in a network client/server solution
  • Users can quickly and easily create and send or receive faxes directly from their computer over a network to a centralized fax server
  • Supports up to eight lines and scheduling transmissions to be sent at night to reduce costs
  • Does not require a dedicated “server” machine. Any computer with a fax modem on the network can operate as the fax server

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FaxTalk Messenger Pro

  • Create a simple answering machine setup or a powerful voicemail system
  • Supports multiple mailboxes with custom greetings for each mailbox
  • Individual greetings can be set for different times of the day or different days of the week
  • Features Caller ID, Distinctive Ring and blocking of telemarketing calls
  • Forward received voicemail messages to an email address
  • Includes the fax features found in FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro

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Compatible with:

Windows 10 Compatible     Windows 8 Compatible     Windows 7 Compatible     Windows Vista Compatible     Windows XP Compatible

Windows 11 | Windows 10  |  Windows 8  |  Windows 7  |  Windows Vista  |  Windows XP | Windows Server 2008-2022


FaxTalk is the perfect replacement for your discontinued and unsupported WinFax PRO fax software. With a familiar user interface and comparable features you will find FaxTalk looks and works very much like WinFax PRO.

FaxTalk also includes the ability to import your old fax logs and phonebooks to make the transition to the new software even easier. Now you can switch to a more reliable Windows fax software program for sending faxes that supports Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP without losing your old data.


The FaxTalk Reseller program is designed for resellers who wish to provide their customers with advanced, easy-to-use Windows fax software and voice mail solutions. Our network of resellers recommend and install FaxTalk software for their customers throughout the world.