V.34 “Super G3” High Speed Fax Support

FaxTalk fully supports V.34 high speed fax transmissions. Often referred to as “Super G3” or “V.Fast”, the V.34 fax standard is considered an important development in fax technology. Fax devices supporting the V.34 protocol can deliver more reliable fax transmissions, requiring fewer resends, under a wider range of line conditions than those supporting older fax standards such as 14400kbps (V.17) and 9600 kbps.

Average time it takes for a single page fax to transmit
Baud RateTransmission Time
24002 minutes 30 seconds
48001 minute 45 seconds
96001 minute
1440045 seconds
3360025 seconds

In addition, fax devices supporting V.34 offer more reliable fax transmissions over varied line conditions through the implementation of the ECM protocol. The ECM protocol was designed to automatically detect and correct errors in the fax transmission process caused by factors such as telephone line noise. The result is faster fax transmissions and significant cost savings over time.