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Upgrade to FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10 today! If you are currently using an older version of FaxTalk software to manage your send and receiving fax needs you can upgrade to FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10 at a special discount of only $39.95. Save money and enjoy great new features with the latest in send and receive fax software.

What’s new in version 10

Version 10 adds some exciting new features to the FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro software. Some of the great improvements include:

  • T.38 Internet fax support.
  • Added a preview pane to the Inbox, Outbox, File Cabinet and Sent Items folders to display faxes quickly.
  • Added a lookup capability in the Send a Fax where the software will automatically look for the contact in the phonebook while the user is entering the name.
  • Added a search capability in the Send a Fax to search for contacts based on Name, Company, Fax or Email address.
  • Added support for Microsoft WIA scanning and other scanner improvements.
  • Increased the amount of items that can be stored in the Inbox and Sent Items.
  • Added support for scheduling faxes to send during an off-peak period.
  • Added support for accessing contacts from Windows Contacts.
  • Added the ability to view all contact details in the Send a Fax for a contact stored in a phonebook.
  • Added the ability for the Fax Viewer to save the current zoom selection between sessions.

Please view the feature comparison chart for differences between older versions of FaxTalk software and FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 9.0.

Products eligible for upgrade

The FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10 upgrade is available to users of the following FaxTalk products:

  • FaxTalk Messenger Pro 9.0
  • FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 9.0
  • FaxTalk Messenger Pro 8
  • FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 8
  • FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5
  • FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5
  • FaxTalk Messenger Pro 7.0
  • FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.0
  • FaxTalk Messenger Pro 6.0

NOTE: The upgrade version of FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10 will check your hard drive to verify that you are a licensed user of a qualifying FaxTalk software product. Trial versions of FaxTalk software do not qualify as an eligible product. You will be unable to install the FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 10 upgrade if you do not have a qualifying FaxTalk software already installed. Trial versions and bundled FaxTalk software such as FaxTalk Communicator are not eligible.

Any questions regarding upgrade eligibility or upgrade requirements please call 1-800-532-9825 or send email to the sales department.