FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro Features

The FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro fax software has hundreds of features to make your send and receive fax tasks simple and productive.

Send and Receive Fax

  • Send high quality color, grayscale or black and white faxes directly from any Windows application. *NEW
  • Create faxes from individual documents or combine documents from multiple applications into a single fax.
  • Preview and annotate faxes before sending.
  • Send faxes over the Internet to any email address.
  • Print a confirmation of a sent or received fax.
  • Use a WIA or TWAIN compliant scanner to scan hardcopy documents to fax.
  • Schedule faxes to send at specific times or dates.
  • Built in spell checker when creating faxes. *NEW
  • Schedule faxes to send only during “off-peak” hours.
  • Includes a library of pre-designed coversheets or create your own.
  • Coversheets support Unicode and support international languages like Arabic, Greek, Hebrew. *NEW
  • Broadcast faxes to hundreds of people with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Fax headers can include recipient name and number. *NEW
  • Fax at speeds up to 33,600 with Super G3 Fax support.
  • Error Correction Mode for crisp, accurate faxes and 2-D Compression support for reduced transmission time.
  • Direct COM port selection for modem. *NEW
  • Print, review and resend previously sent faxes.
  • Block unwanted junk faxes.
  • Automatically print received faxes to a selected printer.

Notification and Forwarding

  • Send automatic notifications of new faxes to an email address, pager or fax machine.
  • Create multiple notification rules for processing received faxes.
  • Automatically forward new faxes to an email address or another fax machine.
  • Forwarded faxes sent to an email address can be in PDF or TIFF format.

Phonebook and Contact Management

  • Create multiple phonebooks, such as one for business and one for personal.
  • Phonebooks can contain individual contacts as well as groups of contacts.
  • Use Microsoft Outlook Contact folders directly in FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro.
  • Use contacts from Windows Address Book directly in FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro.
  • Use contacts from Windows Contacts directly in FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro.
  • Import existing WinFax PRO phonebooks.

Caller ID and Distinctive Ring

  • Display Name and Number Caller ID information on incoming calls.
  • Store Caller ID information with received faxes.
  • Caller ID information is logged for all incoming calls.
  • Editable CID name and message in Inbox items. *NEW
  • Control which Distinctive Ring lines are answered by FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro.

General Features

  • Message management options automatically archive or delete old faxes.
  • Detailed transaction log provides information for all incoming and outgoing faxes.
  • Includes an internal SMTP email client for email operations. Does not require a third-part email application to send email. *NEW
  • Announcement options provide visual and audible indication of new faxes.
  • The location where FaxTalk stores data can be changed. *NEW
  • Save color, grayscale or black and white faxes to JPEG or PNG formats. *NEW
  • Supports Microsoft Remote Desktop access. *NEW
  • Search FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro for faxes based on specific criteria.
  • Rotate individual pages when viewing faxes. This includes printing, forwarding, and importing rotated pages. *NEW
  • Import WinFax PRO faxes.

*Features listed are new for Version 9.0.